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a new global culture


We must exercise our most basic human right.


The right to breathe!

They told us the mask was a sign of empathy. An act of compassion. That if we wore the mask we would flatten the curve.


The fact is, the virus wasn't the entire motivation of the mask and now that it's been hardwired into institutional, corporate, and public life, it's here to stay. 

the mask

a new global cultural identity

The distancing and the mask are part of a new global cultural identity. A behavioural commonality mandated by every member nation of the United Nations. What started as 'health and safety measures' is actually a liability scheme and a new global order that supports a one world government. Our behaviour has been streamlined internationally and the 'new normal' is now expected and enforced. This new culture has been established in order to fulfill the goals of UN Agenda 2030. This 'Great Reset' is to global governance and totalitarian control of every aspect of life under the guise of sustainability. 

The goals of Agenda 2030 embrace 'leaving no one behind' and that is why we are masked. So that no one ever be marginalized or favoured. As public behaviour is now mandated internationally there are no allowances for privilege or even victimization. The liability framework does not allow for it. We are 'all one' under the mask and humanity will have no exceptions.

The UN and its stakeholders who are government, unions, corporations, and institutions, believe that they must exact power because individuals and nations are

ill-equipped. They believe that sustainability can only be achieved through a global vision and they've decided all that is sustainable is to be synthetic. As this agreement's goals are highly ambitious, there is no room for democracy or humanity and that is why we are under states of emergency worldwide. 


The Great Reset to


global governance






















medical martial law







Not a Mask is the innovation of mask mandates that ignore the health and wellbeing of the people they claim to protect.

Whether you have a health condition or simply can't breathe in the a mask, reasonable alternatives are an important feature of an advanced, safe and sustainable society. 


 the mask

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humans need to breathe free

The tight fit or muzzle design is not for everyone. For those with health concerns such as asthma, COPD, anxiety, deviated septum, allergies or just being a human, Not a Mask is a reasonable and equally efficacious alternative to the mask.

Non-medical masks are NOT proven healthy over the long term for the general population. For people that know instinctively that humans need to breathe unencumbered, Not a Mask is for you.

The humidity created in the design of the "non-medical masks" causes respiratory droplets to develop and persist, creating

the very problem the mask is claiming to combat.


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Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis


The existing scientific evidences challenge the safety and efficacy of wearing facemask as preventive intervention for COVID-19. The data suggest that both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks. Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological effects. These include hypoxia, hyper- capnia, shortness of breath, increased acidity and toxicity, activation of fear and stress response, rise in stress hormones, immunosuppression, fatigue, headaches, decline in cognitive performance, predisposition for viral and infectious illnesses, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Long-term consequences of wearing facemask can cause health deteri- oration, developing and progression of chronic diseases and premature death. Governments, policy makers and health organizations should utilize prosper and scientific evidence-based approach with respect to wearing facemasks, when the latter is considered as preventative intervention for public health." 

The fabric drapes along your shoulders and fastens comfortably and securely with an adjustable elastic.


Just pull it up and pull it down. It's a scarf when it's not in operation, not something dirty to carry around.

We believe that it's inhumane to mandate a device or wardrobe that inhibits one's ability to breathe. If we are to comply with covering our faces in public spaces, reasonable alternatives must be permitted and accepted.

Room to breathe and no gaps

 fabric & design

After months of mandatory mask mandates, the general feedback on the mask is that it is uncomfortable and difficult to breathe. It's hot and the tight fit causes excessive humidity to form resulting in skin irritation and eruptions, respiratory, and dental issues. The design causes glasses to fog up because they seldom fit properly and always have gaps.


Now that we know the mask is here to stay, it's time to get civilized and breathe with Not a Mask. 


I can breathe!


Not a Mask is a smart alternative to the mask because room to breathe ELIMINATES the very problem of CREATING humidity that CAUSES respiratory droplets to form and persist

Effects of long-duration wearing of N95 respirator and surgical facemask: a pilot study

Chiffon is created by weaving yarns using an alternating method. The yarns are twisted, resulting in the gentle puckering of the fabric. 

This also causes the slightly rough feel and

stretch of the fabric.

It's light on the face but not rough on the skin. You won't experience chafing or irritation due to excessive humidity. 

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Chiffon is deceiving. Although it looks thin and somewhat transparent, the fabric acts like a filter. It's highly efficacious in this department making it far superior to its cotton counterparts that offer little filtration or consistency due to the great variability in the manufacture of cotton. 


Electrostatic barrier

Not a Mask is made with two layers of chiffon and there are no gaps. Tightly woven fabrics such as cotton can act as a mechanical barrier, fabrics that hold an electric charge like chiffon can serve as an electrostatic barrier. It serves to suck in and hold the tiniest particles, which might otherwise slip through holes in the cotton. This is key to how N95 masks are constructed.

An overview of filtration efficiency through the masks: Mechanisms of the aerosols penetration

Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of Common Fabrics Used in Respiratory Cloth Masks


true colours of Agenda 2030

contact tracing blues



Censorship & complete control of information is how they will ensure compliance to the new global order.


Books will be quarantined and we will rely exclusively on digital. No diversion from the narrative will be permitted. This transition has already allowed for relevant information and history to be manipulated and even outright misrepresented.

contract tracing blues

Chinese citizens are all required to be tracked & traced. They can't leave home or even enter a store without a QR code.


The government, through public health authorities gives citizens the green light to move about society or you stay put. This is the model in which everyone in the world will operate and is the revocation of our freedom forever.

hazy days

Biotechnology of our skies has become another new normal and it's not healthy for us or the planet. They say solar radiation management is to save us from climate change but the fallout from these aerosols includes fibres, metal particulates and biological elements. These micro-particles enter into our bodies and weaken our immune systems, making us more susceptible to chronic illnesses.

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midnight espresso

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and lofty goals like UN Agenda 2030. These goals cannot be obtained in a democracy which is why we are under states of emergency. This plan doesn't discriminate and if you get in the way they'll bully, threaten and intimidate. Fear is the weapon of choice of the new order and is enforced by media propaganda. 

ivory towers

Sustainable development goals built in ivory towers by the very privilege that wants to control it all. It's a clever scheme which is actually a supply management strategy that culls competition, culture and people.


These goals represent state participation in all aspects of society and is the enslavement of humanity under the guise of the environment. 

rusted justice

Injustices never experienced before in the west are now becoming common place. How can that be when Goal 16 of Agenda 2030 is peace, justice & strong institutions. 

Since WHO took over this global crisis our rule of law has disappeared.

With justice nowhere in sight we now live in a police state just like the third world. 


marooned dreams

Throughout the world dreams are being abandoned and public health measures have devastated lives and small business. Years of blood, sweat, and tears up in smoke, with futures being reset without consent. 

The new order wants to crush our independence in order to usher in complete dependence on the state and its will. 


Solar radiation management disrupts the natural hydrological cycle and fuels drought and fires. It's been going on for many more years than people are aware and cloud seeding became the norm in the late 60's in Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Manipulating mother nature has unforeseen consequences and can be used opportunistically to exert power to control nations and people. 

purple haze

The last ten months feels like a trip and its full effects won't be felt for years to come. If the mask wasn't enough, now the pressure cooker to the vaccine is on. Just like the mask, the method of compliance will be bullying, intimidation and threats. They are determined to vaccinate us whether we like it or not to meet their obligations to UN Agenda 2030 of 99% vaccination. 

sustainable fable

They make us think that CO2 rules the world but it's actually a very small part of the greenhouse gas pie. Water vapour represents over 90% but it was omitted from the conversation because it was a can of worms.


Water vapour is far from benign and it's a cover for SO2. China is a perfect example where levels often exceed safety which is why so many willingly wear masks outside.

china blue

Based on a 2005 documentary, China Blue followed the life of a 17 year old girl working in a Chinese jean factory. It was the first big exposure to the sweatshops and work conditions in China. 

China Blue reminds us that all lives DO NOT matter in China. That workers are exploited and enslaved for the good of the state. This is the hypocrisy of Agenda 2030 because none of its lofty goals apply to them, thus providing the very framework for an economic hijacking. 

carbon copy

mRNA technology is all about streamlining the human race. It's their attempt to replace our natural immune systems with their synthetic patented versions . The idea is to integrate us into the unnatural to satisfy corporate greed and manage us like animals.  

Once we are connected to the cloud, the AI is in control. Overriding what mother nature gave us with their 'owned' technology that can't be turned around. 

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join the land of the breathing





I have to wear a mask for 8 hours a day. This one works. No shortness of breath and no panic. It's a beautiful thing and thank you so much!"


Absolutely love this Not a Mask! 1000% better in every way. No more sweating and making my face overheat!"

I'm so glad you've done this. Leaving the house makes me so anxious. I keep fighting for no masks but it is getting more difficult. 

"Not a Mask feels so breathable that you don't notice it on your face. I'm immune

compromised and claustrophobic.

Not a Mask feels freeing."

"Women have verbally attacked me for not wearing a mask. It's so emotionally and spiritually draining."

I've had covid. My lungs aren't great at the moment and when wearing a mask I feel like I'm drowning. This Not a Mask is amazing.


Just pull it up and pull it down. It's a scarf when it's not in operation, not something dirty to carry around.

Being able to breathe is a basic human right and I never thought it was something that could be taken away or something I would have to fight for."

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deviated septum



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deviated septum



Pull it up when you need it and pull it down when you don't. 

Not a Mask is my conscientious objection

Inspired by hate, bullying, intimidation & death threats

I fought hard against the mask. As a result of my position I was demonized, threatened, bullied, doxed and followed. For months. From the beginning of the mask being launched by BLM, I saw the freight train. I got in front and found out what it's all about and confirmed my suspicions. It wouldn't have mattered what opposition we had. It was a steamroller and it had nothing to do with our health. 

I was hearing from people who couldn't wear a mask just like me. I hosted groups and immersed myself. Before the mandates they were being demanded and when mask exemptions were being rescinded, I knew I had to act. It went against my beliefs but I knew I had to keep my eye on the ball and that was our health.  We weren't stopping the steamroller and the harassment was relentless. There came a time when it became bad advice to encourage pushing against, so I decided to create a conscientious objection to what I knew to be detrimental to our health and create a way to cope. All while teaching the world why we are under the mask to start. 

I engaged my mom and together we designed Not a Mask. I wanted something that didn't prevent our humanness. I wanted to dispel that illusion of sickness but mostly it was about breathing and moving our face freely like mother nature intended. I wanted to create true sustainability in a covering with a purpose beyond muzzling. Within just over a month we had a design with what I discovered to be the best in class for filtration fabric. My mom makes them and my dad strings them and the marketing is my baby. Together we are all about humanity and providing a way to cope with the tyranny. 


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